#MHRD, Govt. of India awarded 4 stars to IIC of KCW | #Rated among top 10 Science Colleges of India | #Shortlisted for “The 10 Best Vocational Education and training Institutions in India 2018”


Chairperson: Dr. Surinder Kaur (Principal)

 Director : Dr. Ritu Dhawan

 Committee I: Finance and Infrastructure

1.      Dr. Rajwinder Kaur

2.      Dr. Nitika Bhandari

3.      Dr. Kumari Sita

Committee II: Research Policy and Development

1.      Mrs. Pritika Mehra

2.      Dr. Jaswinder Singh

3.      Dr. Niharika

 Committee III: Collaboration and Community

1.      Dr. Neeru Kapoor

2.      Ms. Paras Mehak

3.      Dr. Nirmal Kaur

 Committee IV: Product Development and Monitoring

1.      Mr. Nirmaljeet Singh

2.      Mrs. Krishma

3.      Ms. Shivani

 Committee V: IPR Legal and Ethical Issues

1.      Ms. Sumit

2.      Mrs. Chitsimran

3.      Dr. Puneet Kaur