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Student Advisory Committee

The student Advisory Committee monitors the entire teaching-learning environment of the Campus. The duties and responsibilities start at the beginning of the session at the time of registration and admission of students. Committee provides students with consultation facility through an advisor who guides and help them to finalize  their areas of interest,courses and subjects. In addition, the committee also conducts a meeting with students at the beginning of the session, screen out and select responsible and obedient students who will represent their respective class throughout the session.The committee not only includes student representatives but also is comprised of academic staff who meet every month. Meetings are held with  CR’S on regular intervals to discuss and allot different duties and tasks. Along with that, it  also assists various other cells, councils and committees like The Academic Council, Discipline, Red Ribbon, NSS and NCC Committee, Cultural and sports, committee, Drug Abuse, Placement, student grievance cell etc . The authority is always available to listen students’ views and concerns and solve various personal, social and health related issues.Furthermore, it encourages students for participation in different religious, cultural and sports and several other co-curricular activities and help in organizing events, starting from  Arambic Ardas, Nagar Kirtan, Youth festival, Talent hunt till farewell.Additionally, various festivals like celebration of Teacher’s day, Sawan celebration, Diwali, Lohri, Basant and Holi are also organized and commemorated.The Committee also conducts assembly on every Monday and checks uniform of students and conveys important information to students. It organizes various seminars related to Road, Safety and Traffic awareness. If any student wants to go outside from the college before the dispersal, prior permission has to be taken from committee. Moreover, the students are advised on various academic and non-academic matters., Therefore, our student advisory committee not only provides conducive environment but also makes students more confident and bold for their holistic development.

The Responsibilities

  1. Dr. Chanchal Bala (Incharge)
  2. Mrs. Geet Bawa
  3. Dr. Kamalpreet Kaur Sandhu
  4. Mrs. Sharina Mahajan
  5. Dr. Jagbir Kaur
  6. All Class Representatives



Student Members (2022-23)

Head Girl

Roll No. Name Class
234028 Ravneet Kaur BCA-Sem V


PG Department of Computer Science

S. No. 

Roll No. Name Class
1 231002 Sanawarpreet Kaur   BCA-SEM I
2  231035  Surpreet Kaur  BCA-SEM I 
3 232310 Khushi BCA-SEM III
4  232313   Shruti  BCA-SEM III 
5 234002 Yakshita BCA-SEM V
6  233953 Harleen Kaur  B.sc (IT)- SEM I
7  232206 Sanjot Kaur   B.sc (IT)- SEM III
8 233908 Gangan Inder Kaur   B.sc (IT)- SEM V
9 232820 Jashanpreet Kaur   B.sc (CS)- SEM I 
10 232110 Anjali Sharma  B.sc (CS)- SEM III 
11  3401    Kirandeep Kaur  B.sc (CS)- SEM V
12 235103  Tania Sharma   M.sc (CS)- SEM I 
13 235202 Kawalpreet Kaur  M.sc (CS)- SEM III
14 235308 Preeti  M.sc (IT)- SEM I 
15 5303 Monica   M.sc (IT)- SEM III 
16  234502 Manpreet Kaur PGDCA


PG Department of Commerce and Management

S. No. 

Roll No. Name Class
1 231116 Naampreet Kaur B.Com- SEM I
2 231115 Navjot Kaur B.Com- SEM I
3 232401 Harpreet Kaur B.Com- SEM III
4 234137 Sanya Sharma B.Com- SEM V
5 231216 Sonali B.Com (FS)- SEM I
6 231255 Riya B.Com (FS)- SEM III
7 231416 Kirandeep Kaur B.Com (FS)- SEM V
8 231302 Palak BBA-SEM I
9 232601 Simranpreet Kaur BBA-SEM III
10 234309 Manmeet Kaur BBA-SEM V
11 23159 Prabhjit Kaur B.Voc (RM &)- SEM I
12 235507 Bhawna M.Com- SEM I
13 235608 Anmoldeep Kaur M.Com- SEM III
14 234806
Shivani PGDFS


PG Department of Fashion Designing

S. No. 

Roll No. Name Class
1 1509  Jasmeet Kaur  B.sc (FD)- SEM I  
2 1519  Jaskaran Kaur B.sc (FD)- SEM I  
3  232261 Ramandeep Kaur  B.sc (FD)- SEM III
4 232262  Komalpreet Kaur B.sc (FD)- SEM III
5 233611 Arshdeep Kaur  B.sc (FD)- SEM V
6 23107 Navdeep Kaur B.Voc (FS &G)- SEM I 
7  23116 Arnaz Kaur B.Voc (FS &G)- SEM I 
8 23201 Simranjit Kaur B.Voc (FS &G)- SEM III 
9 23205 Satinder Kaur   B.Voc (FS &G)- SEM III 
10 234603 Arushi  B.Voc (FS &G)- SEM V
11 234610 Simranjit Kaur B.Voc (FS &G)- SEM V
12 224751 Mandeep Kaur  Diploma in Tailoring 
13 235709 Tamanna MSc. FD SEM I
14 235707 Ramanpreet Kaur MSc. FD SEM I 
15  5809
 Ravneet Kaur MSc. FD SEM III  
16 5810
 Gurleen Kaur MSc. FD SEM III 


         Department of Science

S. No. 

Roll No. Name Class
1 23907 Kiranjot Kaur B.sc (NM)- SEM I
2   23280 Smile Sharma   B.sc (NM)- SEM III
3 233515 Ramandeep Kaur B.sc (NM)- SEM V
4  6201  Anshika Mourya BSC MEDICAL SEM I
5  236260 Karanbir Kaur BSC MEDICAL SEM III


Department of Humanities

S. No. 

Roll No. Name Class
1 23402 Rehanshika  BA SEM I (EVEN SECTION) 
2 23406 Muskan BA SEM I (EVEN SECTION) 
3 23475 Sargundeep Kaur  BA SEM I
4 23509 Payal  BA SEM I
5 1714 Parneet Kaur  BA SEM III  
6 1741 Simrandeep Kaur  BA SEM III  
7 233031 Diljot Kaur  BA SEM V
8 233012 Kiranjit Kaur  BA SEM V
9 23704 Manpreet Kaur  BSC ECO SEM I
10 232001 Roshini  BSC ECO SEM III 
11  233309  Jaismeen Kaur  BSC ECO SEM V 
12   235901 Jasmeet Kaur  BVOC (D&N) SEM I   
13  236009 Swinky Kaur  BVOC (D&N) SEM III
14 236103 Prabhjot Kaur    BVOC (D&N) SEM V
15  7003 Amnt Kaur  MA ECO SEM I
16  57 Karandupinder Kaur MA ECO SEM III 
17 4906
Navdeep Kaur MA PUNJABI SEM I 
18 4902
19 5003
Charanjit Kaur  MA PUNJABI SEM III
20 5008 Manpreet Kaur MA PUNJABI SEM III


         Department of Cosmetology

S. No. 

Roll No. Name Class
1 234724 Khushi Kumari  Diploma in Cosmetology 
2 234704 Japjeet Kaur Diploma in Cosmetology