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Fashion Designing

MRS. SHARINA MAHAJANMSc (FT), Pursuing PhDAssistant Professor
MRS. AMBICA KHURANAMSc. (FD & M)Assistant Professor
MRS. PALLAVIMSc (FD & M)Assistant Professor
MRS. MEHAK SETHMSc. (FD & M)Assistant Professor
MRS. HARPREET KAURMSc. (FD & M)Assistant Professor
MS. MANJOT KAURMSc. (FD & M)Assistant Professor
MS. DURLOVE KAURMSc. (FD & M)Assistant Professor
MS. AMRITPAL KAURMSc. (FD & M)Assistant Professor
MRS. KRISHMAMSc. (FD & M)Assistant Professor
MS. AMANPREET KAURMSc. (FD & M)Assistant Professor
MS. SHIVANI SHARMAMSc. (FD & M)Assistant Professor
MS. NEHAMSc. (FD)Assistant Professor


Name Qualifications Position MRS. MANBIR KAUR M.Sc, M.Phil Associate Professor DR. KUMARI SITA MSc (Botany), MPhil, B.Ed, CSIR-NET, ARS-NET, Ph.D

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Name Qualifications Position MRS. RAVINDER KAUR M.A (Punjabi), B.Ed, M.Phil, UGC-NET Head of Department, Associate Professor DR. PARDEEP KAUR MA

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Name Qualifications Position MS. JAGMEET KAUR MSc. (Cosmetology & Health Care) Assistant Professor MS. SANDEEP KAUR MA (Cosmetology), P.G. Diploma

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Name Qualifications Position DR. SUMAN NAYYAR MCom., MPhil, PhD Head of Department, Assistant Professor DR. RITU DHAWAN MCom., UGC(NET), PhD

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